Laivan: Begin your own preparations.

WA: You make it back alright-
WA: I’m assuming that is what your game is-
WA: Because apparently- it still isn’t our game-
WA: But it is now- The Game-
WA: I have it now- on my first laptop-
WA: It’s a little more fair- this time-
WA: Why you left in the middle of it all- that is-
WA: I was dealing with-
WA: Shit-
WA: I still don’t know how to describe her-
WA: Not then- not now- probably not ever-

UK: >([could it potentially b dat itz #ot]
WA: Haha- no- also never-
WA: Gross-

UK: >([yeayeayea]
UK: >([ive spicked an spanned myself all over]
UK: >([unknown secrets rn for u glue#ound]
UK: >([always easier goin back den goin forth straight up cuz i cant play the cube 2 times on one go yknow]
UK: >([almost more like im puttin on my remembrance t#inks t#an my plays]
UK: >([reasons?]
UK: >([lemme just press on t#at fuckin backflips]
UK: >([pure grade trap tango routine]

WA: I still don’t really know how you did it- so fast though-
UK: >([i did a lotta backflips]
WA: Question-
UK: >([well i said i wasnt takin any of t#os anymore so]
WA: Please-
WA: It isn’t about anything dumb-
WA: So it qualifies-

UK: >([big accepted]
WA: Thanks-
WA: Why did you leave Ellsee’s memo-
WA: Even though it was important-

UK: >([no need to b dere tb# imo]
WA: Okay- but-
WA: I just want you to know-
WA: She is my friend too-
WA: I’ve known her for- a long while actually-
WA: And she got mad when you left-
WA: More than when the others left-
WA: I’m not a big fan of how everybody treated her-
WA: She doesn’t deserve it-
WA: And- the whole thing just felt weird-
WA: That is all I'm saying-

UK: >([look man]
UK: >([you is just gonna gotta get to trusting me on t#is one is all i gotsta say on it]

WA: Besides it being weird and- uncanny no matter how you look at it-
UK: >([s#it the fuck away on t#at t#ere]
UK: >([youll know w#en you kno]
UK: >([u should know t#at better t#an anyone else]
UK: >([bc circumstances]

WA: I guess-
UK: >([now cmon]
UK: >([tell me]
UK: >([ya reddy to play]

WA: Yeah-
WA: The Game just popped up-
WA: That is why I messaged you-
WA: To see if you’re back- and ready-
WA: Because-
WA: I’m ready-

UK: >([not feelin it]
UK: >([said is you READY]

WA: I’m ready-
UK: >([fuckin R E A D D Y?]
WA: I’m ready-