TAZ: ~Oh I see.~
TAZ: ~So you’re s+ill saying you know me be++er +han I know myself?~
TAZ: ~And +o +ake +ha+ lying down?~
TAZ: ~Well please, forgive me for saying +ha+ I don’+ +ake such a lof+y claim on +he high end varie+y of fucking goddamn bullshi+ so ligh+ly~
TAZ: ~+ell me, do you know my favori+e flavor of pinfall fuel?~
TAZ: ~How abou+ how I ob+ained my prizes in my 39+h unbarbed ma+ch?~
TAZ: ~I+ was a big even+, surely you would KNOW +HA+ wouldn’+ you??~
TAZ: ~do you know wha+ sor+ of moral s+ance I +ake on wi+h all +his guff you have presen+ed me wi+h?~
TAZ: ~+hat+’s an EASY one~
TAZ: ~come on, you KNOW ME, I basically jus+ spelled i+ ou+.~