With the final pieces in place...

The SYLPH OF RAGE and the KNIGHT OF SPACE have finished their preparations for entry.

After loading in the personal codes found within the lined up blood of her custodian, a new item appeared within her INVENTORY and, when interacted with, opened a text window containing a series of numbers. With the EXCEPTION of the first and the last to enter, this is meant to be a standard part of the ETCHELIZER process. This allowed her to now place and solve the final puzzle, the one of her specific PARAGON REPOSITORY. Upon sight, she knew what she wanted to do.

Despite the claims of her ignorance from her server player, the client insists that he places her now activated portal in front of the opening of her TORTURE FORT so that she may square up with her denizen on her own terms.

With the portal currently active but the DENIZEN OF RAGE unreleased, this would make the portal INOPERABLE with neither of them able to leave.