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I am the ETERNAL GUARDIAN tasked with presiding over THE SOLITARY UNIVERSE and all that it encompasses. The ALL-MOTHER OF LIFE AND EXISTENCE, KHEPARIA, created me to act as the MEDIATOR between her creations and those of her split equal, GAIAEON, the NAUGHT-FATHER who INFLUENCES ALL THAT REMAINS.

I was to be the FIRST OF MANY BEINGS similar to myself, had my maker not been ABRUPTLY TORN ASUNDER BY HER EQUAL — left weakened and confined to the single life-bearing world she was able to craft beforehand. My personal domain is all that SEPARATES the remnants of her essence from the so-called "PERFECTION" of him.

This planet, which I have looked after for many eons, expires and is born anew in a constant CYCLICAL PATTERN. As it and its universe shift after death, so does MY OWN FORM — a personal memento OF THE WORLDS AND LIVES THAT WERE LOST.

Currently, I preside over REPITON, home of a species referred to as "TROLLS" and of the TWELVE HEROES we have been observing. In every universal instance, these twelve souls are destined to manifest at the same time, so that they may find communion inside a MEDIUM. This is achieved through PARTICIPATION in a GAME of my own design — a game devised with the express goal of DOCUMENTING each iteration of reality and, ultimately, RESTORING MY CREATOR TO HER FORMER BEAUTY.

To that end, this present iteration holds what I believe to be a PERFECTLY CRAFTED FAILSAFE. I must hope it will serve its purpose, as this attempt is the very last that I WILL BE ABLE TO OVERSEE, as I am FATED TO RETURN TO THE ALL-MOTHER at its conclusion.

All that aside... I suppose I can condense who I am into TWO TOPICS OF INTEREST: