Serpaz: Ask Occeus what he thinks!

SERPAZ: hey big man did you make heads or tails of any of that?????
OCCEUS: Eye sh.o.uld think that the malice in their eyes speaks f.o.r itself
SERPAZ: that doesnt help at ALL dude
OCCEUS: Miss helil.o. my .o.pini.o.n d.o.esnt mean much
OCCEUS: Eye am sure the part eye play in y.o.ur pers.o.nal j.o.urney is t.o. irrelevant
OCCEUS: Eye already s.o.lved my ass.o.ciated puzzle and g.o.t y.o.u this far
OCCEUS: Surely y.o.u are capable .o.f handling the rest
SERPAZ: uhhh noooo? didja forget the teensy tiny detail of me not getting to do bum diddly squat before you got here due to being knocked out and racked up???
SERPAZ: i barely know how to find my way around this dang place! its just a weird spiral-y backwoods!!!
SERPAZ: am i supposed to learn how to be a forest ranger or something???
OCCEUS: Thats s.o.mething that albi.o.n is rectifying as we speak
OCCEUS: We all talked ab.o.ut it plenty
OCCEUS: Didnt y.o.u read thr.o.ugh any .o.f the pri.o.r gr.o.up c.o.rresp.o.ndences?
SERPAZ: ughhhh i tried but they get instaderailed so often!! i didnt feel like waiting around on skorpe to load a googillion messages
SERPAZ: and also like i said i was a little busy being strung up by nefarious creatures for a good chunk of them!!!
OCCEUS: Why n.o.t ask metatr.o.n then?
SERPAZ: hes too heavy handed with the peer review without being much of a peer imo (|:/
SERPAZ: come onnn
OCCEUS: Eye d.o.nt kn.o.w
OCCEUS: Maybe just pick the with the prettiest c.o.l.o.r
SERPAZ: cold cruel rocky ocky please just give me a PITTANCE of actual advice!!! im begging ya!!!
OCCEUS: *Subtle yet deeply sigh*
SERPAZ: (|8|