DREAM!SERPAZ: oh this is so exciting!!! youre gonna feel everything the exact same way that i did!
DREAM!SERPAZ: itll start as a dull achey-ache in the back of your head that reminds you of this conversation
DREAM!SERPAZ: then youll try to hide from me and pretend i dont exist! put on a happy face!
DREAM!SERPAZ: but ive already f̶͉͒ö̴̼́o̸̧͑o̶̟̍o̸̲͗u̴̺͘n̴͚͂d̸͔̈ ̷̫̕ÿ̷̹́ọ̷͋ó̵̖o̸̞͌ỏ̵͜ȗ̶̫
DREAM!SERPAZ: and then? youll get anxious!!!
DREAM!SERPAZ: scritch-scratching at an itch beneath the skin of your arm until you rub that bit of your body raw!!!!!!
DREAM!SERPAZ: youll hurt and there will be NO ONE to take the pain from you!!!
DREAM!SERPAZ: youll run yourself into the ground and beg for help from anyone who will listen...
DREAM!SERPAZ: except for the people youre too s̸͈͐c̵̲͐à̵̤r̵̖͋ḛ̴̈́d̶̡̚ to let see you like that!!!!!
DREAM!SERPAZ: and maybe they will help you! maybe they wont! maybe youll try to understand all those probabilities that i talked about! try to find a cure for me!
DREAM!SERPAZ: but itll be no use.
DREAM!SERPAZ: ive always been here.