OCCEUS: The fl.o.ating game abstracti.o.n
OCCEUS: Eye wasnt c.o.unting .o.n y.o.ur c.o.mpany in this area
METATRON: you can count on my company at any moment you want it!
METATRON: all part of the job description.

OCCEUS: N.o. eye mean y.o.u arent at a checkp.o.int
OCCEUS: H.o.w is that p.o.ssible
METATRON: i can show up wherever and whenever i please! but i opt against it so as not to get in the way.
METATRON: i wouldn't be able to keep my lids shut about all the fascinating little bits and bobs of your journey otherwise.
OCCEUS: Yes that is why eye left rather in a hurry the first time
METATRON: which was very upsetting for me! but i understand.
METATRON: a prince does tend to beat to the tune of their own lonesome drum.
OCCEUS: If y.o.u say s.o.
OCCEUS: Since y.o.u are already here can y.o.u guide me t.o. my destinati.o.n
OCCEUS: Which is wherever this planets player happens t.o. be
METATRON: well, believe it or not, the two of us share this common goal right now!
METATRON: you're close with your good friend serpaz, yes?
OCCEUS: Actually eye find her insufferable
OCCEUS: Even th.o.ugh we have n.o.t sp.o.ken much bey.o.nd curs.o.ry greetings
OCCEUS: She is still l.o.ud and b.o.ister.o.us and pr.o.f.o.undly t.o.ne deaf
METATRON: great! we can consider this both a favor and a trust exercise, then.
METATRON: i need you to stop her consorts from executing her.
OCCEUS: G.oo.d heavens
OCCEUS: They can d.o. that?
METATRON: by unfortunate technicality.
METATRON: i don't condone it per se, and it's a rare enough occurrence, but when aspect holders tee off their consorts to the point of perceived irredeemability, they have a tendency to...
METATRON: rebel.

METATRON: as in develop an urge to chop off their heads.
OCCEUS: Isnt player death c.o.mpletely c.o.unter t.o. y.o.ur g.o.als?
METATRON: yes, but so is the suppression of free will.
METATRON: we work as ethically as possible within our means, doctor coliad.
METATRON: and perhaps similar ethics of your own would include getting missus helilo, and by extension me, out of this bind?
METATRON: please?

OCCEUS: But eye have n.o. clue h.o.w y.o.u expect me t.o. get t.o. her in a timely manner