[I2S1] ======>

Your name is SCATHING SHARPER. You are the leader of an infamous group of white-collar kingpins currently known as the DEAD SHUFFLERS. You've been invited to a liminal space called the HOTEL CALIFORNIA for a final showdown, after many vicious universal cycles of being negged by your ARCH NEMESIS. You refuse to disclose their name aloud, lest you grant them any further relevance or satisfaction.

Your associates, DEFRAUDING DEALER, HUSTLE BONES and CHARMED DEFALCATOR have been expedited to scour the place from every conceivable angle and strip it of valuable assets. Your objective is to then eradicate their ANOMALY SOURCE and end this cat and mouse charade once and for all.

Salesmen worth their stock know that their livelihoods depend on their pitch. So, tonight you're offering up liquidation services to any clientele you can reach, free of charge.