The lady's name is PHOENE PEGMIN.

This broad dug her lot in life out in a villa on the stronghold outskirts — one of those places you'd only ever pick for retirement living, no matter how many sweeps she may actually squeak by with on her bones.

She's an avid art collector and historian, a woman of refined tastes. Or at least as much of one as these schmucks can be, given how terrible they are at preserving their past. As our dynamic duo are led around her place, they are met with copious amounts of Weird Pretentious Art Bullshit (™) — thankfully, no HENTAI PROFESSIONAL LOVECRAFT wannabes in sight yet. Sirage would rather crumple into a ball and eat herself than have THAT sort of discussion with either of these two.

In her grand opinion, keeping some odd, non-mutated fake shrimps for pets borders on flamboyant overkill. But if that's what it takes to go from rags to riches? She's resigned to having her eyes stuffed with pink.