Naturally, this is the bit where they pull a bonafide Indiana Jones or whatever their particular in-universe term for the constant may be. And as expected, it involves obliterating a bunch of obsolete obstacles and vandalizing a variety of valuables, valueless to them in their venture.

Rypite takes important mental notes. In their hierarchy of hooligans, Cepros busts out the authoritative chutzpah and Sirage plays the role of the middle piece, meaning she does most of the actual legwork: evaluating their situation, strategizing and splitting duties. Yet while she dutifully points out places that can get them all killed, Sirage doesn't really seem to mind the consequences herself. It's a miracle she only makes it out with mere scabs.

But most importantly, Rypite finally gets a chance to show off his mettle like he's always wanted! The honorary junior explorer manages to solve an itty bitty puzzle all on his own, acquiring a gemstone in the process. Sirage immediately deigns to reclaim it as the self-appointed treasurer of the expedition, but he's got no objections.