Okay, let me get all of this sorted...

A young girl stands in front of an old, abandoned vault. There used to be a proper way in once, but it's long since been completely blocked out due to time and who cares what else. She found it by following all the right cracks, twists and turns inside a series of caves that no one (except a bunch of dried up underwater currents) has touched before her. Coincidence? Or maybe a well-educated guess?

I guess that doesn't matter. What matters is that this room wasn't made by just any troll! No, no. This was crafted by RICH trolls. Filthy rich trolls. Ones that died long ago and must've left behind a treasure trove ripe for plunder.

And yet, the door to this place has no handles to pry it open, no locks to pick. It almost taunts her.

She HAS to get inside.

By any means necessary.