Sirage mentally rifles through Koldan's plentiful catalogue much like you would tip-toe across a minefield: slowly and with the intent to find something that will not kill you.

Much to her dismay, it's nothing but the same brand of hokey schlock that caused the entertainment industry complications in the first place. No-budget independent efforts that cross the threshold of what counts as consumer-friendly, sci-fi settings bursting with valiant leaders and ray guns that at one point seemed futuristic, action set pieces bent on practical effects, pulpy soulmate-centric moosh that pretends the pitch quadrant doesn't exist...

If it's not an uphill climb to explain or doesn't pander to what the algorithms deem as a focus group's desires? It doesn't hold much public interest.

SIRAGE: < don't you ever wat<h any modern movies? >~
RYPITE: I do! But I don't like them as much.
RYPITE: Nothing wrong with them! It's just— They tend to be a bit... Overwhelming. You know?