SIRAGE: < a guy owns a fa<tory. has a lot of maps, building plans, equipment s<hemes, et<. he wants a program that'd read those and <reate 3d models for him >~
RYPITE: Sounds easy enough!
SIRAGE: < then he wants to be able to make animated ad shorts with those models in the same program. >~
RYPITE: Oh. Oh?..
SIRAGE: < while being as easy to navigate as, and i quote, "a submarine in the pre-renaissan<e depths" >~
RYPITE: Okay, well! Do we know where to Start?
SIRAGE: < no fu<king <lue, i'll be dis<ussing that with hemiot later >~
SIRAGE: < but sin<e the <lient wants the animations to look
SIRAGE: """fun""",
SIRAGE: your job will be to figure out what visual style is better suited for it and requires the least amount of fu<kery with the models >~