Woe is poor, dear Lutzia. She's in over her head and doesn't have a clue about where to go from here. Not that she's allowed to anyway, even with her loose moral compass.

Everyone needs her now! And she's starting to feel like a failure, because she is one. In her place, I would simply lie better.

She has no choice but to keep going.

LUTZIA: -> I decided to try and me℥℥age helica the other day. I do mi℥℥ her
LUTZIA: -> but I don't fucking remember my pa℥℥word. it'℥ ju℥t... alway℥ been ℥aved on her computer, and I barely u℥ed it. embarra℥℥ing
LUTZIA: -> anyway, her trolltag doe℥n't exi℥t anymore. ℥he change℥ it pretty often, ℥o I'm not ℥urpri℥ed