SAHVEL: ...the mold burns but its spores dont...the smoke just carries them further...thats why you always dry that wood in the sun first...
BOR: Aгe you saying we should leave тhem ouт foг a sunЪaтh?!
SAHVEL: ...Im just saying that burning them or the hut might be a bad idea...
CERA: ¶ Yeah § he's got a point
NEERIS: AND leaving them like this might be an open invitation for the wind to carry the little spores back to the village (UuвUu)
BOR: Exacтly!
GERBAT: Г bodies aren't compareable to wood, anyway J
LUTZIA: -> yeah, you'd be waiting forever for all the fluid℥ to dry out
BOR: I can'т sтand how you people speaк of тhem as if тhey'Гe fucкing oЪjecтs.