gaiwanLid said: Anyone ha>e a fa>orite e>ening tisane? I'm looking for something that >>ould get the night going >>ithout too many flo>>ery notes. I ha>e a pretty large in>entory of regular camellia sinensis, but its traditional combination >>ith the kool aid gi>es me a headache.
spilledMilk said: boiled rooibos \ with milk \ is popular \ in some places \\\ a masala chai mix \ might also work \ if you want \ something with spice
herbOrb said: Γ try buckweat. You could also roast and age what you have J
gaiwanLid said: I roasted barley >>ith lemongrass. It >>as pleasing. I’>e also ordered some buck>>heat tea to join the green rooibos I ha>e. That should suit me for a >>hile. Thanks for your suggestions.