LUTZIA: -> I looked at the butcher'℥ blood ℥hade and I thought: thi℥ i℥ what we need! for real, thi℥ time
LUTZIA: -> imagine how fucking cool it'd be if we took ℥ome red blood, did ℥ome hocu℥-pocu℥ to it, and ℥hifted the hue to fuch℥ia!!
LUTZIA: -> I'm gonna te℥t it on thi℥ ℥ample once I figure out how to color bond it to the butcher'℥
HELICA: Cool. has literally ANYONE asked for this?
LUTZIA: -> excu℥e me??? Corporate i℥ gonna eat fuch℥ia blood up!! I'll get jade℥ one ℥tep clo℥er to ℥aving the ℥eadweller℥!!