PP: c'Mon dude what the hell
PP: you Gallivant off into the woods and constantly iGnore Me for an eternity only to pop in when it's tiMe for you to be in the spotliGht??
PP: like Go off about havinG a bad tiMe i Guess, but i've also been havinG a bad tiMe and GhostinG Me isn't helpinG it!!
PP: what happened to Moirails listeninG to each other's probleMs??? your inbox is like the world's cheapest daM struGGlinG to hold all these GoddaM issues
PP: the daM needs Maintenance to work My Guy, and this daM is creakinG like a haunted floorboard
SR: Г can we not right now. please J
PP: oh then when SHOULD we, in another sweep or so??
PP: not like i had fuckinG panic attacks over this or anythinG. 12/12 lovinG the cold shoulder
PP: if you don't want Me in your life anyMore just say so, i can't stand this avoidance tanGo
PP: uGh even now you're just leavinG Me on read